Why I Think Harmony Is The Most Beautiful Concept In Existence

Why I Think Harmony Is The Most Beautiful Concept In Existence

Whether in music or human relationships, harmony is when two or more things unite and compliment each other.  The result is balance and elevation.  Harmony is like synergy.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.  Harmony is an achievement of beauty beyond what any individual is capable of.

At Sound & Vibe harmony is our religion.  It is our motivation, goal and navigator.

To create harmony, at least three things are required:

  1. An understanding of what it is you are harmonizing with.  In music, you need to know what note(s) are being played.  What is the pitch and tone of the note(s) and in what context are they being played.  Similarly with people, you must understand what kind of person are they, what are they doing that you will be harmonizing with and in what context.
  2. What will harmonize with those parts?  What note(s) or action(s) will harmonize with the existing parts and in what way?  Harmony comes in many forms.  Your part will vary depending on the desired result.
  3. The discipline to execute accordingly.  Once you understand what you will be harmonizing with and how you plan to do it, it requires tremendous skill and discipline to execute it.

We begin by taking the time and attention to understand our environment, people, sounds and feelings.  We are extremely selective when it comes to who and what we allow in our sacred space.  We understand that if we are to harmonize as a collective, it is instrumental that each element has the capacity and inclination to harmonize with others.  We invest purposefully in creating an environment that harmonizes with the type of people we want to have around.  We invest equally in the people and our interactions with them to compliment and uplift them along with the whole, reaching higher vibrations through harmony.

In a future post, I will share my philosophy on Harmony vs. Control (aka my Internal vs External Control Theory).

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