About Us


Sound & Vibe, above all, is a vehicle for like-minded creatives to come together, work in harmony and achieve their highest happiness, potential and dreams.


As a recording studio, Sound & Vibe is a vortex that attracts those like-minded creatives and provides them with the kind of inspiring, productive and nurturing environment, tools and support that is conducive to reaching their creative potential.  We provide recording, producing, mixing and mastering services.


The record label and publishing company provides the opportunities and support to communicate and monetize what is produced.  Those opportunities and support include, audio, video and experiential production, marketing, distribution, licensing, sales, management, booking, and PR.


As a venue and film location, Sound & Vibe offers an authentic Long Beach lifestyle location that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is spiritually.  We host our own musical, culinary, cultural and community events as well as offer the venue as a rental space for events and location shooting.


At S&V, we are very community driven.  We believe uniting and working together as well as giving back.  Our efforts include youth programs as well as outreach and community events.