Ray Barbee

I met Ray around 2009 when I was working at Guitar Center in Cerritos.  Living skateboarding most of my life, I was a huge fan of Ray’s already.  Like most others, we hit if off naturally.  His respect for me grew stronger when I played him some music I’d been producing around that time.  Over the years, we did some recording together and would randomly run into each other here and there.  Since the birth of the studio, Ray has been by a number of times.  He’s a big supporter and believes strongly in what we’re doing here.  We’ve yet to really get it in wit Ray musically, but all that will change soon as he finishes his solo album.  Ray is outstanding human being, beyond a pioneer of skateboarding and a great artist/musician.  I have the utmost respect for this dude and proud to call him a friend.