We met Sly when he came for his first show in LA.  Our friend was promoting the show and we were helping.  Beyond being like-minded and a cool dude, Sly was grateful for all our help, so we had no problems hitting it off.  From helping a bunch with the show to the praises Sydney and Adam were singing after visiting the studio, our relationship grew stronger.  So much so, that by the time Sly came back to LA three months later, he stayed with us for those 10 days.  Meeting Sly has been instrumental in our maturity.  Not only did he lay sax, flute and keys on a number of songs, but it’s through him that we met Sydney Driver, Adam Fallen, Cooper and Jacob Appelt, Carlin White, Cory Henry, Mononeon, TaRon Lockett, Nick Werth, Elizabeth Lea, Gabe Steiner, Juliane Gralle, Ian Roller, and others.