Paul Weber

We met Paul late one night, during a jam session after NAMM 2016.  Our brotha Chuck Chilla brought him through.  We set up a mic for him and his trumpet in the booth and wow!  This dude can play!  Around 3am, after the jam session, I convinced Paul to play trumpet on a track Bluesy and I were producing.  Sly had just played sax on that song and Paul’s trumpet took it to the next level.  That song, ” ,” became our first licensed song for film.  Beyond his musicianship, Paul and I are kindred spirits in many ways.  This became apparent and our friendship grew beyond music.  I’ve told Paul that I’d love to do a full album with him and I’m sure that day will come.  Until then, he’s already on 4 of Darryl “Duffy” Glenn‘s songs so far, will likely play on the rest of his album and countless future productions.  Paul also brought Reinhold Shwartzwald here the day they played on Darryl’s album.  That was huge!  Reinhold is incredible.