Nick Mancini

Through years of going to The Blue Whale Jazz club from it’s opening, I became familiar with Nick’s playing.  We eventually were introduced through Miguel Atwood Ferguson and were cool acquaintances.  Years later, once we the studio was up and running and we finally produced a little promo video, I sent it to Nick as bate.  It worked like a charm!  Haha.  Turned out Nick was nearly a pro skateboarder.  So, in addition to the whole music element, he was stoked that I skated and had the empty pool.  We finally found time for him to come down and we wrote a song together.  Soon after, we hosted The Italian Mix, which Nick headlined as the guest performer, along side Cooper Appelt and Evan Stone.  Since then we have become even better friends.  My idea has been and continues to be producing a full-length album with Nick.  Hopefully that continues to manifest itself.