Dmitry Gorodetsky

Dmitry ties into a number of “synchronicities,” as we call them.  It started with Farnell Newton, Tony Ozier, J Ross and the crew looking for a bassist the day of their show.  We found out that one of the people Farnell was on the phone with, recommending Dmitry was our friend Max.  Being that Dmitry had just moved from Brooklyn weeks before, that was already quite a coincidence.  When I came back from their show that night, I told Bluesy, “Yo, that bassist was bad!”  A couple days later our sis, Erica, asked me if she could come by with a new friend who plays bass.  It turned out to be Dmitry.  We vibed out tough for a few hours.  Good people with great energy.  The bigger synchronicity of the three was that Dmitry was best friends with Sydney Driver and friends with Adam Fallen, Sly5thAve, Cory Henry, Carlin White and the entire Brooklyn family.  The first time Dmitry came by to record with us, he played on one of Darryl‘s, Captain Supernova’s and my songs.  My man is a bad mutha-luva indeed and very much family now.