Darryl “Duffy” Glenn

I met Darryl late one night coming back from LA around 2011.  I wasn’t quite finished with the night, so I decided to swing by The Seabird Jazz Lounge in downtown Long Beach.  I knew that night I was hearing a real deal old school R&B band.  The whole band was tight, but Darryl’s vocals left the greatest impression.  Literally being the only white person at any of the shows I went to over the next few years as well as being a good 15+ years younger than the next youngest, I stood out.  Darryl actually used to shout me out every time I came, which was cool considering we didn’t really know each other at all.  I knew all along I wanted to do an album with Darryl, so when I got the studio up and running, I reached out to him.  I finally got him here by offering a free studio session for his birthday.  We wrote three songs from his forthcoming album I’m producing, “Yesterday Again” that day.  The rest is history in the making.