A Dream Manifested – New professional recording studio in Long Beach, CA

A Dream Manifested – New professional recording studio in Long Beach, CA

Hello world,

Welcome to Sound & Vibe Recording Studio – Long Beach, CA!

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to build a recording studio with an environment, energy and signature sound that inspires artists, musicians, bands, producers and engineers in a way that cannot be found anywhere else.

After months of hard work, I am proud and honored to open the doors and share this special place.

Inside the studio


















To produce professional recordings that meet industry standards and make your sonic vision shine, I invested heavily and selectively in all the equipment we use, the acoustics of the rooms and our staff.  We are passionate about “The Sound!”

That said, we live to catch “The VIBE.”  That’s where the magic happens!  Art is personal and inspiration can be a fragile and fickle thing.  We put an emphasis on providing the vibe that inspires you.

From interactions with our staff to the sage, fruit trees and plants welcoming you in the front of the house, the artist lounges with big comfy couches, 55in flatscreen, turntables and a collection of thousands of vinyl records, through the backyard with lounge areas everywhere, a basketball hoop, BBQ, fire pit, empty pool to skate, fruit, vegetable and herb plants all around and into the beautiful studio, you will feel the warm positive energy.















If you are a band looking to record your new album, we have the ability to track virtually all instruments, including drums, at the same time, so you can jam together and get that cohesive sound.

Vocalists have their choice of microphones and preamps to find the right sound and a vocal booth with great vibe and acoustics.

We offer voice over recording services and welcome Doctors, Professors, Corporate Executives and other professionals to record their lectures and presentations here in to produce professional results.

We will soon have HD cameras in every room with recording and streaming capabilities and offer additional photography and video services.

For more information on our Services, click here.

Inside the house









Contact us today and let’s talk about your vision.


  • Hi there!

    I am a new resident to Long Beach and was stoked to come across your website and studio. I just moved here from New York City where I worked in Film/PR/Film Programming, as well as assisted in live sound/gear set up and breakdown setting up for the stage for my own band.
    I just moved back to the LA area to begin studying Sound Engineering/Mastering with the Womens Audio Mission and I found your studio and it fit my vibe. I am sure you are full staffed and have plenty of amazing experience on deck, but I am looking for an unpaid role as a runner, booker, receptionist, etc. I come with little knowledge on engineering but a passion for sound, an excellent ear, and an eagerness to learn and stay out of the way. I would love the opportunity to be considered for any position at your studio. I love Long Beach and to be in an environment like the one you have built would be a dream.
    Please feel free to check out my website for a bit more of my background.

    Sincerest regards,
    Anne Bergstedt

    May 11, 2015 at 6:54 pm
  • Wow – congrats on opening such a great new place! The whole facility looks amazing and I really love they way you’re trying to provide a full-service menu by mobilizing your community – looks like lots of love is going into that.

    I’m moving to Long Beach later this fall and I’m looking for my people. I come from Seattle by way of Portland and Texas, in Seattle I got a music degree, was a DJ for a while, studied some audio engineering and worked at Electrokitty Studios. Then did some live sound in Texas for U.S Backline, then moved to Portland to help with a family business and help take care of a dying family member. All I really did in Portland was one film (here: http://drainmag.com/remembrance/), some archiving, and some piano playing.

    I have to admit that after 3 moves in a couple years I kind of lost my groove, and other than AES meetings I don’t really have an agenda. My husband landed a great job at the Aquarium and we’ll be staying for a little while. We’ll be up on 11th. So let me know about local events, or if you have anything interesting going on, or if you need anything in my skill set, need tech backup, or if you want to borrow my Blackspade UM25 for a test session, and/or if you know of a cheap practice spot with a baby grand that I can bang on. Thanks!

    August 25, 2015 at 7:16 am

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