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3 Steps To Achieving Values – Happiness

Anyone who knows me, knows I tell long stories.  To truly understand anything, you must understand the context it's in. So before we get into the day to day awesomeness at the studio here on the blog, a little about where it all comes from...

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Happiness Comes From 3 Things

In my last post, I established that my purpose in life is to be happy.  So, below are my answers to what is happiness and where does it come from. I believe happiness is tied to three things: 1) Gratefulness - It is not what you have, but what you're...

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My purpose in life

It's my intention to use this blog more often, open my world a bit and share this incredible journey with you.  The good times, music and people as well as the challenges along the way. So, let's start at the beginning..  Finding my purpose.. It was around age...

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