Sydney Driver

We met Sydney driver on August 2nd, 2015, the day before Sly5thAve and The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra’s show at The Echo in LA.  Helping our friend out who was promoting the show, we picked up Sydney from LAX on the way to rehearsals, along with our 1972 Rogers drum.  We hit it off, naturally, from the jump.  To the extent that the next day, before the show, Sydney came down and tracked drums here for 4-5 hours.  The next time Sydney came to town for the 32-piece orchestral tribute to Dr. Dre, him and Sly stayed here for 10 days.  We recorded a bunch more and our friendship grew stronger.  It is thanks, most of all to Sydney, that we met Cory Henry, Carlin White, Mononeon, and TaRon Lockett.