Josh Moreland

Josh was brought here by our brotha Chuck Chilla.  I had just cooked dinner, so their timing was impeccable.  We got to know each other over dinner and checking out the music he had been recording.  Being that music was entirely Pop, I didn’t see the fit.  But at some point I heard him do something that raised my brows.  At that point we were vibin’ out in the studio, so I brought up the session of a song I produced and let him improvise over it twice.  That’s it.  From those two takes, I edited and arranged his vocals into what is today, my favorite song we’ve ever produced here at S&V.  Josh has an angelic voice.  It’s mind-blowing, as is his versatility.  Writing this bio a day after his 3-day stay here and 4 new songs finished with him, we are well on our way to producing an epic and classic modern soul album with him.  Very excited and proud.