Adam Fallen

Let me start with the fact that Adam is one of my favorite musicians in the world to work.  We met Adam through Sly5thAve‘s first show in LA in August 2015.  After rehearsals, him, Cooper and Sydney were jamming.  All three are incredible musicians, but what stood out the most to me from that jam was not only Adam’s playing, but how he wasn’t afraid to go into the unknown and find his way out.  Adam came down and stayed with use the day after the show.  He played on 8 songs that day.  We had such a good time that the next time he was in town at the end of a Skylar Grey tour, he came and stayed with us for 4 days.  Ironically, Sly and Sydney were both staying with us for their 32-piece orchestral tribute to Dr. Dre.  The next time Adam stayed with us, it was for two weeks.  Between the three visits, Adam has probably played on 60+ songs of ours.  Pretty awesome.  I love this dude and plan to make a lot of music with him for years to come.