14 KT

I’ve known KT since the late 90’s.  I promoted some shows that Athletic Mic League performed at, plus we had a lot of mutual friends.  KT moved out to CA around the same time the studio opened, so I got him down here asap.  KT is one of my favorite beat maker/producers.  I was sure we were gonna get on our Detroit Dilla shhh, but ended up producing a syncopated 3/4-4/4 jazz fusion song that Yas played on and I later had Adam and Cooper play on as well.  The next time we wrote music together turned out to be a straight Afrofunk song.  Soon as it started going that direction, I called our Afrofunk expert, Pleasuremaker, over and we took it from there.  That song is going to now be on Pleasuremaker’s forthcoming album we’re producing together.