Once a song is done being recorded, it is time to mix.  Mixing is the science and art form of shaping the sounds that have been recorded and getting them to fit harmoniously together.

To accomplish this professionally we have acoustically engineered the room to eliminate any ring or bouncing of sounds that would deceive the engineer.  We use quality monitors that also provide a “true” and “flat” sound, not embellishing any part of it, so you get an accurate read.  We have some of the best outboard and software tools in the world to shape the sound and our engineers have great ears.

High-quality, industry-standard, commercial-ready mixing.


– Basic EQ

– Compression

– Noise Gating

– Reverb

– Delay

– DeEssing using standard DAW plugins

– 16 Stem limit (includes two free revisions).


– EQ

– Compression

– Noise Gating

– Reverb

– Delay & DeEssing using high-end outboard gear

– industry standard plugins (mimicking classically renowned hardware from: SSL, Api, Neve, etc.) and advanced mixing techniques

– Includes Session Editing, Cleaning Up, Auto Tuning, Pitch Correction & Manual Vocal Editing 

– 48 Stem Limit (includes three free revisions).