Happiness Comes From 3 Things

Happiness Comes From 3 Things

In my last post, I established that my purpose in life is to be happy.  So, below are my answers to what is happiness and where does it come from.

I believe happiness is tied to three things:

1) Gratefulness – It is not what you have, but what you’re grateful for that brings happiness.  Happiness comes in direct proportion to how grateful you are.

2) Achievement of your values – We each have our own values.  Some of us value family, health, the creation of a great song, piece of artwork or maybe landing a new trick, others might value an impressive job, fit body, likes on FB/Instagram or otherwise.  Whatever it is that you value, your happiness is also in direct proportion to the achievement of those values.

3) Relationships – Human beings are social creatures.  Even us introverts.  I believe among our highest emotional needs is to be accepted or better yet, loved.  Our happiness is a reflection of how healthy, strong and loving our relationships are.

Don’t worry, these posts will be more studio and music relevant real soon. 

Omer Saar and his dad, Dany Saar kayaking in the Pacific Ocean

My dad and I getting ourselves out of a tight spot.
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